19. Dezember 2011

Another Pörkölt

This time with lamb and beef. Main difference: Cooking indoors and without the traditional kettle like we did last time. Ingredients for eight guests: 1kg beef 1kg lamb 5 onions 1 can tomato paste 2 bay leaves, caraway, black pepper, salt, paprika, red wine. Serve with bread or Nokedli.

That's how we did it:

1. chop 5-6 onions. Fry slowly until glassy in clarified butter and neutral taste oil. (Olive oil would taste to strong, pigfat doesn't fit to the lamb)
2. Add 1kg of lamb meat in 3x3x3cm cubes. Be precise, this is a German style Pörkölt. Fry on hot temperature, stir. If liquid comes out, stir and fry as long as the mixture is "dry" again. In case add oil.

3. Add the beef. Stir and fry again.
4. Add a can tomatos paste. Fry till it's shiny
5. Lower the heat and remove the pot from stove. Add 5 tablespoon good sweet Hungarian Paprika. Don't try with any other Paprika, as you will fail.
6. Put back on stove, add Water till meat is covered. Ad Salt, as much as needed, but rather less then more. Add two bay leaves.
7. When liquid is nearly evaporated, add water again.
8. Repeat seven.
9. When meat is about to be tender, add red wine. And add the one you will drink next to it, not the tetra pack stuff.
10. Ask the girls to make the nokedli (Hungarian Spätzle)
11. Add black pepper and freshly miced caraway.
12. Serve with hot green peppers so everybody may spice it up after they taste.
13. Have a Palinka.